ISPIM Innovation Symposium

The 3rd ISPIM Innovation Symposium – Managing the Art of Innovation: Turning Concepts into Reality – will be held in Quebec City, Canada on 12-15 December 2010.
Organised by ISPIM and hosted by INO, a leading non-profit R&D center in Optics/Photonics in Canada, this symposium will bring together academics, business leaders, consultants and other professionals involved in innovation management. The symposium format will include facilitated themed sessions for academic and practitioner presentations together with interactive workshops and discussion panels. Additionally, the symposium will provide excellent networking opportunities together with a taste of local French Canadian culture.
Innovation is of all ages, industries and countries. By systematically analyzing innovation processes we have learned a lot about effective innovation strategies. Out of the box thinking, portfolio management, open innovation, team diversity and many other innovation concepts have emerged. Explaining each of these is easy, applying them is much harder.
How to invent breakthrough products? How to determine the potential of a new technology for which no market yet exists? How to collaborate with other organisations without losing your own unique strengths? How to ensure that necessary, multiple perspectives are considered when creating new market offerings? The reality is that innovation is partly an art, but it is an art that organisations need to manage, and by doing so they turn innovation concepts into reality.
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